As a female specialist of Personal Wealth Advising, Erin Eiras, CPFA and President of InVestra has been empowering women of Jacksonville and their families for almost two decades. She knows from firsthand experience the barriers that accompany being a woman, wife, and mother in business. In fact, Pew research found that female financial advisors represent just 15% – 20% of all advisors as of 2020!

According to research from The Global Financial Literacy and Equity Center,  71% of women reported feeling insecure about their level of financial acumen. Modern women have made tremendous strides in society, but it doesn’t always translate into greater financial security. Why? While there are still a number of biases that may hold us back, we are far from helpless, and never in history have we been better positioned to save ourselves. Our team is here to help you gain greater clarity, control, and confidence in your finances as a woman so you can secure the future you deserve – hello, dream car!

How it Started

Erin’s journey into personal finance began over 20 years ago when her friend began educating her about saving and encouraged her to open a Roth IRA. At the time, she was having success at her job handling personal financial matters for physicians across the US, which led her to dive deeper into researching personal and corporate finance. It wasn’t long after that she found she could educate herself and grow her financial independence on her own.

“I had an ‘AH-HA!’ moment months later, when everything was growing and doing well in my Roth IRA. Investing wasn’t as intimidating as it originally sounded. It’s since become my mission to educate and empower anyone who would listen, and eventually I made it my career.” *

Our “Why”

Women require a special kind of understanding when it comes to financial freedom. While our stories may differ in particulars, they are likely similar in themes. The concerns we have are universal: from retirement, education planning, childcare, and much, much more. Long before Erin became a Wealth Advisor, she knew she wanted to have the means to live life according to her own agenda and never have to rely on anyone, and today she strives to help others do the same thing. As a young woman, she found herself in the driver’s seat as she navigated the acquisition of her first home, established a career, and eventually got married. She and her husband had three children, and she lost her father to brain cancer shortly after, leaving her to make more important decisions and further inspiring her to tailor her practice to empowering women who find themselves in similar positions.

*InVestra Financial Services and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

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